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C Series

* The perfect solution for a kitchen sink.
* Class A rating for energy efficiency
* Save 50 to 60 % on your utility bill
* No more wasting water with low operating costs.
* Hygienic as water is heated up to 55c
* Intelligent, compact design with LCD screen and easy to use control panel.
* Available in over and under counter options.
Solar compatible for reheating.
* Can be used with all mixer taps.
* Made in Germany


D Series

* Class A rating for energy efficiency2
* Save 50 to 60 % on your utility bill
* Premium slim line design
* Large backlit LCD display for temperature display
* Will supply hot water instantly to a Bathroom environment.
* Can be used with most shower roses.
* Can be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling void.
* Solar compatible for reheating.
* Available in single or three phases.
* Two year factory warranty on all units
* Made in Germany

Single Hand Wash Basin

M Series

* Class A in energy efficiency.
* Can be used with any tap
* Small and Modern design
* Hygienic solution for hand washing
* Touch panel control up to 45c
* Available in plug in or direct power options.
* Made in Germany