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Introducing DCM HydroTech

DCM Group has forged a name across industries in South Africa, and internationally, for being a fore runner, in terms of technology, and for our dedication to the highest level of quality in all our products.The DCM Group, established in 1986, has forged a reputation of excellence in the Process Control Instrumentation and Petro Chemical Industry in Southern Africa. With offices in all major business centres and a large factory in Durban, we proudly offer a full manufacturing portfolio. The Group proudly welcomes the latest addition of DCM HydroTech to the family.
Similar to the values and goals of its parent company, DCM HydroTech strives to be synonymous with innovation, excellence and eco-conscious. Providing high-tech products of the best standards – promoting sustainability in every sense of the word.

As the South African distributor of CLAGE Instantaneous Water Heaters, we deliver just that, excellence.

DCM HydroTech, in partnership with CLAGE, sees the German Instantaneous Water Heaters distributed throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. CLAGE are pioneers and market leaders in the mini instant water heater sector – being awarded the top innovator of Medium German companies in 2017.

As a decentralized water heating system – In contrast to a centralized geyser system continuously drawing energy – our units only use energy when the tap is open and it’s in use – saving up to 70% on energy usage and thus utility bills. The latest breakthrough in German technology has seen this type of system taken to a European standard A-rating on energy-efficiency; having won multiple awards for innovation, technology, and energy-efficiency.

With teams of engineers and technicians, the DCM team boasts expert knowledge – available and involved in every step of the process with the assistance of electrical and plumbing planning, energy calculations, and after-sale service.

Due to our innovative IES® heating system, the units are extremely compact, and owing to the German design teams – great modern aesthetic – while providing the perfect temperature water – to the chosen degree within seconds. Each of our ranges can be extended with elegant and highly functional sensor taps and smart control apps, and are backed up by the DCM Group in South Africa – a group of companies on the forefront of engineering innovations since 1986.

This is by far the best website we've ever used. So clean and simple and all I want to do is buy the products or services on here.

— Simon Tayler


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