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Introducing Clage

Instant water heaters for the future.

As a decentralized water heating system our units only use energy when the tap is open and it’s in use – saving up to 70% on energy usage and thus utility bills.

Welcome to DCM Hydrotech

Innovative instant water heating solutions

Our electric instant water heaters are utilised in private, business and public buildings all over the world. Owners, contractors, architects, developers and investors rely on our expertise and our special service in the area of energy- efficient hot water preparation. Our large range of products provide a fitting and smart solution for their hot water supply needs. You can find our products in renowned hotels, in office buildings, in modern architectural houses and all other places where one would not want to do without the convenience of an efficient hot water supply.



E-mini instant water heater. Ideal for wash basins.

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C Series

C Series

E-compact instant water heater. Ideal for kitchen sinks.

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D Series

D Series

E-comfort instant water heater. Ideal for shower & bath.

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Why use our solutions?

Instantaneous hot

Hot water instantly

On demand and without waiting

Ideal temperature

Adjustable at the water heater

Short hot water paths

With less energy losses

Environmentally friendly

Less water usage, less energy demand, less CO2

Lowers operating costs

Save energy and water

Save space

Compact dimensions

Save water

No adding of cold water necessary

More Hygienic

Due to short water lines

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